Big love – even for small projects

Our love for furnishing and interior design runs through the entire company. From start to finish, we're at your side with expertise, quick feedback, and personal commitment.

We mainly furnish offices, but we can’t help ourselves to broaden our horizons. Over the years, we have helped hotels, conference facilities, churches and private individuals. Even a nursing home that needed a good place where the residents could sit and knit.

Our ambition is truly to be a one-stop shop for interior design, no matter how big or small the project is. Sometimes we renovate an entire floor, and other times we just select the right chair, lamp, rug or whatever is required to complete the setting.


The best at what we do. 

And a network that's the best at everything else.

We furnish all kinds of environments – and we're very good at it. But we work with the best in carpentry, electrical, painting, furniture installation, plumbing and everything else it takes to give you a seamless and smooth experience from order to delivery.

+ Conceptualization

How should the office be improved? What furnishings are needed? What functions should be provided? Here we set the goals, from choice of materials to the feeling that people will have when they arrive at work in the morning. We produce mood boards, floor plans, color schemes, 3D sketches and renderings. Even before we get started, the end result will be crystal clear.

+ Architectural services

Some projects require that little extra something. We work with the best architects in town and know exactly which agency is best suited for your project.

+ Project Management

Budget, planning, implementation, and everything in between. The stuff that you don't want to do, can't do, or have time to deal with in a major renovation or relocation.

+ Recycling

We take stock of existing furnishings and see if we can take them up a notch. For example, wallpapering, painting, varnishing, staining or anything else that looks fantastic without necessary environmental impact.

+ Craftsmen services

Carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers, IT people, furniture assemblers and everything else needed between point A and point Z. The unsung heroes of creating new environments.


From simple to exclusive.
But always stylish, smooth, and affordable.

We tailor the interior to our customers – and we’re just as flexible when it comes to financing the project. For a dynamic business with rapid changes, renting has its advantages. Leasing might suit those who want to spread their costs over a little longer. And some like to be invoiced as soon as we’ve placed the last chair. What suits you best?

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A rich history of nerd necks, tough times and stunning interiors.

Back in 1988 when Inventia was founded, the focus was on keeping people healthy in the workplace. Back then, it was mostly about ergonomics in front of monitors, and we kept nerd necks and mouse elbows away until 1997, when Inventia shifted focus to larger office transformations and design products. And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since. But we’re constantly improving our offer, expanding our services and extending our partnerships. A journey that has been anything but easy for those of us in the furnishing and interior design business.

The IT crash of 2000 and the financial crisis of 2008 were both challenging, and most recently we were hit hard by the pandemic of 2020. But we pulled through and today we stand stronger than ever.

We don’t know what challenges we will face in the future. But we do know that we will get through them, and that our customers are in safe hands along the way.