Meet the team behind Level

Rasmus Olofsson
Salesperson / Project Manager / CSO

A deep-thinking southerner last seen on his electric unicycle or pondering life's big and small questions. Values face-to-face meetings and having fun in his projects. Thinks it's just as fun and important to work on a small project as an office with 4500 employees.

Level is a recruitment company that wanted to enable a more modern way of working.

We brought the architecture and colors of the beautiful building into the new offices to create a common thread – from the entrance, through several meeting rooms, the kitchen and throughout the office.

The project included research with staff, alternative plans, concept development, and last but not least, delivery and installation of furniture. With sustainability in mind, several chairs were reused, replacing the steel bases with wood for a warmer and more natural feel. We also supplied two phone booths for undisturbed calls in the open office landscape, and a custom-designed sofa was built in the kitchen. In addition, we also selected decorations and art, such as paintings, vases, plants and all the other bits and bobs that tie the whole place together.

phone booths

“They take their work seriously, respect their partners and always do their utmost to deliver value to the customer.”

“They really excelled in offering quality furniture on a very tight budget.”